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Components of the contract are:

  • These terms and conditions
  • The officially approved conditions of carriage as posted at the individual cable car entrances
  • The FIS rules

The ski passes are non-transferable (with the exception of point cards) and must be presented at the request of the control staff. Subsequent exchanges as well as extension or postponement of the period of validity are not possible. Cards that have not been bought at the cash registers and cards that have been lost are blocked at the readers. In the event of misuse, the ski pass will be withdrawn and a special rate will be charged! We reserve the right to report criminal charges. The individual services to which ski passes are entitled are provided by legally independent companies. The company that sells the ski pass only acts as their representative for the other companies. Only the respective company is therefore obliged to provide the individual services and to pay compensation in the event of any incidents. With the purchase of the ticket, the guest accepts our conditions of carriage, which are published at the respective stations. By purchasing the ski pass, the customer agrees that digital photos may be stored in the access systems for control purposes.

Conditions of Carriage

With the purchase of the ticket, the guest accepts our conditions of carriage, which are published at every cable car system.


In the event of ski accidents / injuries, a refund will only be given if the ski pass is returned to one of the ski pass cash desks within one day. It is not the day of the accident, but the day of the deposit that is decisive. A reimbursement will only be made if a medical certificate or an ambulance certificate is presented by the hospital. There is no substitute for day tickets. No reimbursement for accompanying persons. No reimbursement in the event of illness, early departure, standstill of the railways due to events beyond the company's control, such as weather, natural events, etc. as well as blocking of ski runs. Regardless of the time component, NO reimbursement can be granted from 15 days of use.

Misuse of tickets

People who are found in the control zone without a valid ticket must buy a day ticket and pay an additional penalty of € 96.00.

The attempted or actual improper use of tickets will lead to the withdrawal of the tickets without compensation. In addition, criminal charges are filed with the police station because of the suspicion of fraudulent performance (Section 149 StGB) or the suspicion of fraud (Section 146 StGB).

Expiry of validity

Days not traveled lose their validity and will not be refunded, replaced or credited.

Transferability and exchanges

Your ticket is personal and non-transferable. Exchanges, postponements or extensions of the validity are not possible.


The piste operator is not liable for damage suffered by the piste user as a result of the misconduct of others. In the case of particularly reckless and dangerous driving style, as well as disregard of barriers or other orders, you must expect to be excluded from transport. We strive for your safety and ask you to observe the FIS rules. All ski slopes, with the exception of night skiing, are closed from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.! Entering or driving on these slopes is life-threatening due to the slope preparation with a cable winch. If the lock is disregarded, a notification is made.

Contactless data carriers

All ski passes are issued against a deposit. Return options for undamaged key cards and reimbursement of the deposit at the cable car ticket offices,   and on a voluntary basis at landlords, in sports shops and restaurants.

Transport of children with chairlifts

Children under 1.10 m tall: can only be carried on an adult's lap. Children between 1.10 m and 1.25 m tall: transportation by chairlift only if accompanied (next to) by an adult.

Parking spaces

The use of the   parking spaces is only free of charge with a ski pass that is valid in the ski area and registered with one of our readers in the ski area on the day of use. This does not apply to holders of season tickets in the ski instructor, servitut and staff category. For these, the maximum free usage is limited to 20 days. Thereafter, a parking fee of € 70 must be paid for the rest of the season.

Night parking is prohibited in all mountain railway parking lots from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., a complaint will be made in the event of a violation.

Information according to § 24 DSG 2000 on Photocompare

It should be noted that for the purpose of access control, a reference photo of the lift ticket holder is taken when passing through a turnstile equipped with a camera. This reference photo is compared by the lift staff with those photos which are taken each time they pass through a turnstile equipped with a camera. The reference photo is deleted immediately after the lift ticket expires, the other photos no later than 30 minutes after passing through a turnstile, provided that the lift ticket has not been misused. Please note that there is also the possibility of purchasing lift tickets which are technically configured so that no photo is taken when passing through the turnstile. In these cases, however, random checks by the lift staff must be expected.

Piste & rescue service

We ask for your understanding that rescue costs will be charged in the secured ski room. Our piste and rescue service only monitors marked and open pistes - you move in the open terrain at your own risk.

Bus transfer

With the SkiLungau and Lungo ski pass, you can also use all ski buses in Lungau for free (with ski equipment). Limited bus transfer at the beginning and end of the season.

Important note

The individual services to which this card entitles are provided by legally independent entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur who sells the card only acts as their representative for the other entrepreneurs. Therefore, only the respective entrepreneur is obliged to provide the individual services and to pay compensation in the event of any incidents.

The free accessibility of the forest requires a special sense of responsibility and obliges to protect it. In accordance with the Forest Act, skiing with winter sports equipment in the forest and in the area of ​​lifts is only permitted on marked slopes and ski routes. It is forbidden to enter forest crops below 3 m tree height and to throw away rubbish and cigarettes. Failure to comply will result in the reimbursement of reports in accordance with the Forest Act and the withdrawal of the ski pass entitlement without compensation. Separate tickets for pedestrians are only valid for transport without winter sports equipment. Pedestrians are not allowed to enter ski slopes. Tobogganing is not permitted on ski slopes.